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1st blog entry


Now, hopefully all of you reading this agree with me when I say that the members of PFLAG are absolute saints. These people, many of whom aren’t even related to, friends with, or a member of the LGBTAQ community (this is my own abbreviation, it stands for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Asexual and Questioning). They simply love helping people, and they dedicate their time to help troubled children. Needless to say, these are some pretty kick ass human beings. But I’m here to share my own personal story. Now for those of you who don’t know, PFLAG stands for Parents and Friends of Lesbians And Gays (I actually hate it when people use gay as a noun, ie he’s a gay, BURN HIM instead of as an adjective ie he’s so gay that unicorns are afraid to put a sticker of HIM on their binders in high school. But since they use it in a positive connotation I let it slide) They do a million different things for children and parents and for battling homophobia, so I thought my personal problem would be kind of put on the back burner. In Missouri, there are only three chapters of PFLAG, Springfield, St. Louis, and St. Charles. Of the three, Springfield was the closest, so I decided to contact them. I have only recently “come out” to my mother, and it is still a very awkward situation. I told her at 7 in the morning in the way to school, and after that I ran crying and hyperventilating to my theatre teacher. I was pretty much unintelligible the rest of the day, I never let go of my guitar pick and I could barely eat, read, or speak. Now, almost a month later, we still haven’t talked about it. Not a word. So this whole thing, plus my loneliness situation described in previous posts, drove me to try to find a sort of support group. Now,my school doesn’t have a GSA or a GLBT book section in the library, or even an openly gay member of the staff (come to think of it I’m pretty sure there’s only one black member of the staff too). There’s barely a young democrats club, abd there aren’t even many gay people in theatre (go ahead, scream hatred at me for perpetuating a stereotype) . In the immortal words of Fawcette ” it’s not my fault this school is totally devoid of the gay”. So I figured that if I emailed the Springfield chapter they could tell me about any support groups in the area. I emailed the Springfield chapter and, for good measure, the North Western Arkansas chapter. I never dreamed that the Arkansas chapter would be able to help me, but sure enough one thing led to another and Cathy Campbell, the President of the NWA chapter of PFLAG emails me back before the weekend is up. I have yet to hear back from the Springfield chapter, but Cathy Campbell has gone put of her way to help me in every way she can, despite me not even being in her jurisdiction. Thanks Cathy, and bless the people who work with and in PFLAG.


Pray the Gay Away

Now the title of this piece is a little misleading. I mean to talk about the PEOPLE who have this mentality, not the actual act. (Believe me I tried, it doesn’t work). I recently read an article on called Is your Child Gay?:A parent’s guide to recognizing early homosexual warning signs. Now from what I gather, Christline isn’t as much a religious site as it is a super conservative political site. I may even go as far as to say that it could be run by members of the Tea Party. U can read it here if u want. Now personally,  while I found many parts of this offensive, I wasn’t up in arms about it. I was actually laughing through it. I’m not sure if this is real, or just some kind of joke, but either way I found it hilarious. I don’t know whether or not I believe that people who think like this actually exist, but if they do, I’m not rendered catatonic,  nor am I enraged, I feel sorry for them. I pity them for their ignorance, and I pity anyone who’s influenced by their beliefs, but I’m not afraid of them. These people are legit crazy, but they have no real credibility and they will NEVER be taken seriously by the general population. It makes me sad that these people exist, but at least I can laugh at them from a distance, and know that they can’t do anything to hurt anyone,no matter what they think.

About ADM

Ok people I’m not entirely sure how to do this. I thought I would start a little blog and talk about myself. I want this blog to be one that people like me read for advice and can leave advice for me. This first entry is just going to be a little about myself. I would prefer to remain anonymous, so you can just call me Angus Death-Mender or ADM. For those of you interested that’s a bit of an inside joke. All in due time. Well just a bit about me, I’m a 14 year old male who goes to Webb City High School in Webb City, Missouri. We just finished our production of The Wiz, in which I had a minor speaking part, and two major crushes on the Tin Man and the Scarecrow. I also fell into a state of fan-worship for both Dorothy and Glinda. I like to think that I’m a talented actor, singer, and writer. I am currently working on 9 different books. I have three dogs (Cookie, Coda, and Elvis) and one Siamese cat named Blu-Ivy (yes after THE Beyonce’s daughter)  and since by now u r probably a little confused I will clarify that I am 100% flaming homosexual. If you didn’t know, that is socially acceptable basically everywhere except Missouri. I am one of two openly gay freshman. The other is one of my best friends and nothing will EVER happen between us no matter how crippling my loneliness. My favorite tv show is Once Upon A Time Lana Parilla is a Goddess. But I also love Gotham and How to Get Away with Murder. I have been told both that I am scary and a teddy bear. I have been called the human equivalent to a dark and stormy night, and also the perfect combination of gay nerd and elderly. One person once asked if I was a witch. Anyway, at my school I’m caught between the nerd and popular crowd (I’m just a GBF to either of them). Well that’s all I can think of right now.