Once Upon A Time “Shattered Sight”

Now I mentioned that I love OUAT in my first post, but I have yet to talk about it since. After watching last night’s episode, I decided that now is the perfect time to launch my own series of OUAT review blogs. Now, for those of you who aren’t caught up read no further. I want to decide this into four sections. The Villain, The Rumple Situation, what I liked, and what I didn’t care for.

The Villain
The current Villain on OUAT is known simply as Ingrid, and she is Anna and Elsa’s aunt, and the second Ice Witch. Now I have come to care for, and even root for Ingrid as a villain, but she is far from my favorite villain. For one, she isn’t based off of a classic fairytale or person from fantasy literature. As far as I know, she is simply a fabrication from the minds of the Writers for OUAT. Its also very hard for me to take her seriously when I see her, because I always think of Carol from The Santa Clause series. I can only ever think of her as Mrs. Clause. That’s not necessarily a flaw with the character, I just felt the need to mention it. Also, her and Elsa’s powers are never clearly defined or explained. All Elsa seems capable of doing at first is make ice, but Ingrid is seen teleporting, casting spells, removing memories, and making ice. Elsa and Ingrid supposedly have the same powers, then why is Ingrid able to do so much more with them? And in the episode “Fall”, Elsa makes her own tunnel carved out of rock. What does that have to do with ice? Their powers are also never given a true origin story. They run in the family, great, but is Ingrid the first. Ice Witch in the family? Why do they have these powers? Where do they come from? I also take issue with with her motivation. I can see why she wants Elsa and Emma to be her sister’s, I get that part, she loves them, wants to be a family, relive her childhood, awesome. But her methods are laughable. Why does she need to kill everyone in town? Why couldn’t she just whisk them away to another world, build them a secluded palace, and let Stockholm Syndrome take its course. And if there is some reason that she can’t do this, why must she perform an extremely difficult spell that took her years to complete, just so that the villagers would kill each other. Why couldn’t she stash Emma away and make an blizzard that would freeze everyone in Storybrook to death, leaving her and Elsa unaffected, and Emma safe. That being said, I did come to feel for Ingrid in this episode, as I realised how much she truly loved Elsa and Emma. But all in all, she is a sub par villain, and definitely not my favorite. That title will now and forever be held by Zelena.

The Rumple Situation
When I first realised where they were taking Rumple’s character when he killed Zelena, I breathed a sigh of exasperation and boredom. They have taken this road with Rumplestilskin about a billion times now, and frankly, I’m tired of it. I like how Rumple and Belle are now (I liked Rumple and Lacey better but…) and I’ve grown bored of this good then evil dynamic with Rumplestilskin. I don’t know where this sudden desire to cleave himself from his dagger came back, which would basically destroy the symbolism of what he gave Belle in lou of a wedding ring (even though it was never real), but I also don’t see any way his plan will work. From what I gather, there is magic outside of Storybrook now, for whatever reasons [side bar: I really hope they develop the human world more in the next season, maybe how magic impacts them] and all of a sudden Rumplestilskin wants to rule the world. His current plan is to leave Storybrook and take Belle and Henry with him and tell them that Ingrid destroyed everyone else, and that he saved them and is some huge hero. I can see that working, for a while at least. Then what? Eventually Belle will notice that you aren’t controlled by the dagger anymore. And how will you keep taking over the world from them? It just doesn’t make sense.

What I liked
Ok I’m glad I got that over with. Now I get to talk about how much I looooooooove this show. I especially liked getting to see the darker sides of the people of Storybrook. Personally I liked Shattered Snow much more than Normal Snow. That whole rant about Quorra gave me chills with how well Ginnifer Goodwin delivered it. And bringing up Wale made me wince and laugh at the same time. I also love how this season they’ve managed to fit in tons of references to fantasy and Disney. I love the Robin Ragina story arc, and I love that Marriane is dead. I love how Ingrid exited the show, by sacrificing herself to save everyone. I think it’s really great how much thought they put into the storyline and intricacy of the plot. I love (most) of the costuming and character development. I love this show.

What I didn’t care for
From the beginning of the season I have been displeased with Elsa’s costume. I get that they wanted it to look like the movie, and they succeeded too well. Once Upon A Time is supposed to be a new take on fairy tales, and I would have liked to see that reflected in Elsa’s costume. That being said, I am more than happy with costuming most of the time. The next thing that displeased me was the inconsistencies with the Spell of Shattered Sight. I was never quote clear on how it works. They say multiple times that it brings out the darkest in those it’s cast on. But by that logic, wouldn’t people with pure hearts (ie, Henry) be immune? So does the spell have the ability to create hatred and darkness on the hearts of others. I was also noticed inconsistencies with Emma’s powers. Why was she able to make that machine spark when there wasn’t any magic in our world? Now, I love Lana Parrilla, I promise you, I love her. I worship her as my goddess. But honestly, her evil queen performance? Been there done that. (I’m so sorry mistress I’ll do better)

No this concludes my review. Over all, though there were flaws on the story and acting, the character development issue spot on, and once again I must mention Ginnifer Goodwin’s spectacular performance. Though the episode had its flaws, it was far from bad. Overall,  I give it a B+

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